Contribution guidelines

Dunia welcomes open participation to improve the product for the good of all. We strive to fulfill our pledge to be an open and inclusive community where everyone feels welcome and empowered. While contributing, we request for adherence to our Code of Conduct.

Who can Contribute

Our community includes a group of contributors that help develop, write, and improve Dunia. Anyone is welcome to join the community and contribute their skills. You can help improve the product and infrastructure by fixing bugs or designing new features.

How to Get Started

Find an area that is of interest and you would like to help with. Look for issues that are tagged as "good first issue" or "help wanted" to get started. If you’d like to dig deeper, feel free to look at other labels and TODO’s in code comments. If there’s an issue you’re interested in contributing to or taking over, request to assign yourself to it and add a comment with your plans to address and target timeline. If there’s already someone assigned to it, please check with them before adding yourself to the assignee list.

Tasks range from minor to major improvements. Based on your interests, skillset, and level of comfort with the code-base feel free to contribute where you see appropriate. Our only ask is that you follow the guidelines below to ensure a smooth and effective collaboration.

Please make sure your PR:

Request the appropriate reviewer(s). When in doubt, consult the CODEOWNERS file for suggestions. Provide a comprehensive description of the problem addressed and changes made. Explain dependencies and backwards incompatible changes . Include unit and end-to-end tests and a description of how these were run. Include changes to relevant documentation. If you are submitting an issue, please double check that there doesn’t already exist and issue for the work you have in mind.

Please make sure your issue:

Is created in the correct repository. Has a clear detailed title such that it can’t be confused with another issue. Provides a comprehensive description of the current and expected behavior including, if relevant, links to external references and specific implementation guidelines. Is tagged with the relevant labels. Is assigned if you or someone else is already working on it.

How to Contribute

Edit an existing page To edit an existing page in the documentation, create a fork of the repo, commit your edits and submit a PR.

Go to the page in the docs Click “Edit this page” at the bottom of the page Edit the page directly on GitHub Describe the edit in the commit Select “Create a new branch and start a pull request” Describe changes in the Pull Request (PR) Select “dunialabs” as a reviewer Changes must be approved and pass all of the site build checks before being merged.

Add/remove pages To add a new page to the documentation, create a fork, add the new pages and update the table of contents file to include your new pages in the appropriate location and submit a PR.

Add or delete pages directly in Github Put new pages where you think makes the most sense, we can move them later Create a PR to have your changes added to the live version of the site.

Code of Conduct

Participation in the Dunia project is subject to the

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